Audi Q3 Trans China Tour

Worldwide event campaign with 38 reports and a daily live broadcast from China

"Bring China to my living room!" – This was the central task for one of the largest and most elaborate Audi driving events of recent years.

A number of journalists spent three weeks traveling 5,700 kilometers across China with 24 vehicles. Our challenge: to produce a report on each daily stage which had to be available to the media the following day on a purpose-built webpage. In plain language, this meant three weeks of daily reporting: shooting during the day, editing at night and sending the footage via satellite early in the morning - every day from a different city somewhere in China every day. 

We traveled the route twice in order to not to have to produce all the material during the actual tour. The first time around, we shot background reports. During the event, we produced the presentations with our host Brandon and the daily highlights of each stage.

On top of that, we created daily road books. Every morning, these road books introduced the day’s trip ahead to the journalists. And of course we also provided journalists worldwide with a lot of footage for reporting to journalists worldwide.

Thanks to an enormously dedicated team and the great local support, we produced a total of 38 reports in nine weeks, and created one of the largest and most professional moving image campaigns in the corporate sector.

Thanks to: CTVS, sxces Communication AG, Pure Perfection GmbH

Final Tour
Event- and PR-Concept