Porsche Media Database (PMDb)

The central point of contact for the Porsche Press Department since 2018

The road to get there was not an easy one. Previously, there was no efficient system for archiving and distributing photo and video assets. As a result, finding and exchanging content was very time-consuming. The multitude of systems and platforms used also made implementation difficult. Of course, each department had different requirements for a system, so it quickly became clear that an off-the-shelf system would not meet all needs.

Together with our customer Porsche, we developed over 600 user stories in just 9 months, migrated the existing stock material and created a rights and roles system that ranges from simple retrieval to content distribution.

Since then, the Porsche media database has increasingly become the single source of truth for Porsche communications. The Porsche Newsroom is connected to the PMDb via API, NewsTV is Porsche's own video platform and is also used for live streams directly from the PMDb. Porsche's internal communication works with the PMDb to populate the intranet pages with photo and video content from the Porsche Media Database.

In addition to distribution, file sharing via rooms is one of the most frequently used features of the PMDb. Both the sending and receiving of image and video assets are DSGVO-compliant and offer a secure alternative to Wetransfer and Co.

Thanks to: FlowWorks GmbH