features and creatures. In 100 words.

All companies face the same challenges: How to understand customers as an audience and turn products into programs. In summary: How to become a media house.

features and creatures is the German specialist for moving images. We accompany your journey with comprehensive services, in-depth analysis and groundbreaking ideas.

As a technology partner, we develop and optimize your technical infrastructure.

As a marketer, we display your moving pictures on the relevant platforms.

As a producer, we translate your products into fascinating stories.

We are convinced: Corporates will be the TV channels of the future.

Well. These were only 93 words. You see: We are also very efficient.

P.S. features and creatures is TISAX® certified. With us, your data is safe!

Our Services

Technical SolutionsIntelligent management of moving images - reduce effort

Manage moving images effortlessly, systematically and efficiently. 

Optimize and automate, reduce effort. 

Powerful tools for streamlined workflows. 

Be ahead of the competition: Find, adjust, display content. On all channels.

You know about the importance of moving pictures when it comes to reaching customers. This not only increases the amount of your video material – but also the number of your communication channels. Thus, efficient technical solutions become more pressing. This is a good thing!

As your TECHNOLOGY PARTNER, we optimize your media infrastructure: Where are new videos saved? What programs are used? Which functions are missing? We evaluate your current systems, check for possible integrations and implement bespoke solutions to complement your technical landscape.

How will you benefit from this? You‘re creating a central video tool that allows you to display content on all relevant company channels by the push of a button. You take advantage of a highly flexible content management system and efficiently structure your moving images.


"Everything that features and creatures GmbH accomplished in this short time was highly professional. The project management and steering the various service providers was complex but was performed flawlessly in our opinion. Beyond that, we were absolutely pleased with the coverage of the live event." 
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Presse, Porsche AG

"Thanks to the Audi video management system, we are now able to convert all Audi AG films within seconds to use them on all important communication and marketing channels. features and creatures has played a key role in this solution." 
Audi Communication, Audi AG

MarketingAs a marketer, we display your moving pictures on the relevant platforms.

LIVE is life

It all comes down to the Media-Mix.

Your own content on your own channels.

Engagement by real time marketing

You have realized that relevant content reaches your target group more quickly and thus has a greater chance of spreading. Which marketing strategy will enable you to reach your goals? Does your content reach every potential customer? Ask yourself!

As a marketer, our roots lie in the editorial work. We know which "story" sells and which channels to display it on. We market your content across platforms, control the distribution and manage your channels. LIVE is well. Inclusive of empirical media tracking.

What´s in for you? You make the most out of your investment and ensure your videos create value.

"It is not an easy task to develop efficient marketing based on communications - especially for a public institution. Thanks for your critical and inspiring help with this task. "
Communications and Marketing, Max Planck Society

Film ProductionEmotional storytelling– inspire customers. 

Big cinema. Also on small screens.

Brand messages with 25 emotions per second. 

Videos increase SEO visibility. 

Displaying instead of reading. Make your audience understand rather than confusing them.

Are you looking for concepts that turn your products into stories and your brand into a hero? Do you want great ideas on a budget? This is the way to go! 

As a PRODUCER, we add emotions to all of your message’s layers. We create your story and showcase your company – be it in 2D or 3D, 90° or 360°, for social media or the big stage. Our pool of experts includes specialists for every technical requirement - and every budget. 

What´s your advantage? Moving images are not only processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain than text – they also touch the heart.

"One of the most valuable films we have ever made." 
Electronic Media, Audi AG